Course Material

Here you will find all of our course material.

Syllabus Oct. 27

Syllabus Sept 7

Blog evaluation rubric

Our Research Guide

1816 Books at SFU

Weekly Handouts:

Sept. 7

Sept. 14

Sept. 21

Sept. 28

Oct. 5

Oct. 12

Oct. 19

Oct. 26

Nov. 2

Nov. 9

Course Readings:

Nov. 9

Intentional Fallacy

Oct. 5

After finishing Emma, and reading Kathryn Sutherland’s essay on Austen and Jane Murray, please read the following:

Review the title page and dedication (53), correspondence with Murray and Stanier Clark (407-414), and “Plan of the Novel,” manuscript available at Plan of the Novel

Opinions of Mansfield Park; Opinions of Emma.

Reviews by Scott and others, 414-423.

Fergus, fergusprofessional

Sept. 14

John Polidori, The Vampyre

Lord Byron, “Fragment of a Novel

Veale, L. and Endfield, G. H. (2016), Situating 1816, the ‘year without summer’, in the UK. Geogr J. doi:10.1111/geoj.1219

Henry R. Viets, “The London Editions of The Vampyre

Mair Rigby, “‘Prey to some cureless disquiet’: Polidori’s Queer Vampyre at the Margins of Romanticism

Sept 20

Mary O’Connell,“‘[T]he Natural Antipathy of Author & Bookseller’: Byron and John Murray”

For help understanding some of the references and allusions in CHP III, see my students’ blog from last term

Sept. 27

Kathryn Sutherland, “Jane Austen’s Dealings with John Murray and his Firm”

Oct. 5

Jane Austen, “Opinions of Mansfield Park, Opinions of Emma”

Jane Austen, “Plan of a Novel”

Oct. 19

Christopher Laxer,”The Lantern of Typography:” “Christabel, “Kubla Khan,” and Poetic Mediation


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