Meetings to discuss final projects

Nov. 18, Burnaby, 12:30 – 50 , Delores

12:50-1:10 Deborah

1:10-1:30, Moe

Nov. 23, Surrey, 4:30-5, Maya

Nov 25, Burnaby, 12:30- 1, ??

1-1:30, ??

Nov 30, HC, 4:30-5, ??

5-5:30, ??

Burnaby meetings in my office, AQ 6121.

HC meetings at Blenz.

Surrey meetings at tbd.

October 27: Course Map for the rest of term

Nov. 2:

  • 1816 Book Assignments due. Please post them to your book’s page, under the 1816 Book Assignments Menu Tab. These are pages, not posts! Please do not create a new post for your assignment.
  • Please finish reading Old Mortality.

Nov. 9:

  • Revisions to Blog Posts 1-2 Due, if you wish to revise
  • Please reread Coleridge, “Pains of Sleep” (and “Kubla Khan,” “Christabel”) and Byron’s Poems on his Domestic Circumstances (“When we two parted,” “Fare thee well,” “Epistle to Augusta,” “Alpine Journal”

Nov 16: NO CLASS

  • Blog Posts 3-4 Due
  • Also, you need to be working on your Final Project Proposal, Due by Email on Nov. 18

Nov. 23: NO CLASS

  • Individual project meetings will be scheduled this week, to discuss your final project proposal. Meetings will be 30 minutes, so we will have time to discuss any other work. If you are planning to work in teams, please sign up in teams (meeting time will be extended). I will send a doodle poll for you to sign up soon.

Nov. 30:

  • Final Project Presentations
  • Group event?!

Dec. 7:

  • Final Projects Due, online

Please check here for class announcements, and feel free to ask any questions.


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