Byron, “Fragment of a Novel”

Byron – Fragment of a Novel

1.) To locate the original source, we went first to wikipedia, clicked on the cover given in the image section, which redirected us to British Library. From there, we found the publication information, which we entered into google books.

2.) We knew it was first edition because the publication information stated that it was released in 1819, and produced in London by John Murray.

3.) The Fragment of a Novel was part of a 2 poem collection called Mazeppa. Interestingly, both works are ambiguous, and feature eastern elements.

-Another fact about the Fragment of a Novel was that it was published without Byron’s permission. This could indicate that Byron might not have been fully satisfied with the work, perhaps because of it’s inconclusiveness, or the fact that other works featuring Vampires and the undead were being published around the same time.

4.) The physical details inform the reader that Byron was fascinated by the mystique and mystery surrounding the east. This is further evidenced by his travels to the region, which may have helped inspire the works.

5.) The paratext of the Mazeppa: It could be said that the poem Mazeppa and the Fragment of a Novel are grouped together because of the fact that both pieces feature elements from ancient lore. Specifically, the Mazeppa poem features a Ukranian man who dies from being strapped naked to a horse. This parallels Achilles’ treatment of Hector’s corpse in the Illiad. The vampire, featured in the Fragment can be linked the Greek vampire figure called the Strigoi.


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