Timeline of Letters from Gifford and Murray

  • November, 21 1814:        Gifford wrote a letter with his opinion of Pride and Prejudice which calls it “a very pretty thing . Although he found some fault with the other manuscript he is reading, giving some suggestions for improvement,  he seemed pleased in general remarking on the characters. Interestingly, the author of this novel he presumes is female, showing that there are other female novelists at this time, besides Austen.
  • Undated:                           Before the publication of Emma, Gifford wrote to Murray about how much to pay for Emma, and also to consider asking for Pride and Prejudice.
  • September  29, 1815:      Gifford wrote another letter to Murray that contains his favorable assessment of Emma. Of that specific letter there are two other versions, one of which was likely never sent.
  • 1817 :                                  Gifford wrote to Murray with his opinions on the beginning of an unspecified novel by another novelist. Gifford opinion seems lukewarm; apparently lacking in penetration and nature unlike Austen.
  • 1832:                                  Cassandra Austen answered John Murray II regarding his inquiry about reprinting all six novels as a collected edition.

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